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Nationwide Issues

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The PCBA participates in the local civic arena to support the community

Founded in 1949, the Putnam County Bar Association is a

fixture in the Putnam County, New York legal community

Upcoming Events

Member Meeting

Second Wednesday of each month

Next member meeting September 12, 2018

GEORGES PLACE 12:30 p.m.


coming in October , details to follow !


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PCBA membership drive is about to kick off. HOP ON THE BUS , GUS!

October 5,2018 we will be having a membership DRIVE kick off .

we will be touring the county visiting local venues to welcome          members to sign up for the 2018-19 season .

            BAR association Membership CRAWL

                 6:00 pm KOBU in Mahopac

             7:30 pm DEPOT in Cold Spring

          9:15 pm LAS MANANITIAS- Brewster

                     COME OUT AND JOIN US !!!!

2017 Members

Hon. Christi J. Acker

Martin N. Ashley

Gregory Bagen

Emily Barile

Michael C. Bartolotti

Jonathan S. Berck

Pat Bonanno

Alice Brandon

Hon. Patricia Brimais-Tenemille

Patrick J. Brophy

Hon. Gina C. Capone

Joseph D. Cerreto

Joseph A. Charbonneau

Julie A. Cherico

Robert A. Cinque

Fred Clarke

John Cocola

Hon. Peter Collins

Amy Covais

Rick S. Cowle

Charles A. D'Agostino

Stamatia Dewbury

Hon. Robert DiBella

Hon. Lewis DiCarlo

Hon. Kevin Douchkoff

Bonnie N. Feinzig

Richard L. Filiberto

Robert P. Firriolo

Hon. Gregory Folchetti

Candi J. Fulop

Maureen Fleming

Louis U. Gasperini

Hon. Victor G. Grossman

Jay Hogan

Joan Iacono

Matthew D. Hindin

Jennifer Herodes

Hon. Thomas J. Jacobellis

Hon. Camille S. Linson

Christopher X. Maher

Hon. Paul Marx

John McCarron

Kristen Mathews

Caroline J. McDonough

Thomas G. McKeon (retired honorary)

Michael McLaughlin (non-attorney member)

James T. Meyer

Hon. Anthony Mole

Margaret A. Nicholson

Robert Noah

Hon. Richard L. O'Rourke

Lisa Ortolano

George M. Pangis

Karin Anderson

Martin L. Posner

Thomas F. Purcell

Terry Raskyn

Hon. James F. Reitz

Peter J. Reynolds

Joseph A. Romano

Kenneth Rones

Hon. James T. Rooney

Donald M. Rossi

Stephen M. Santoro Sr.

William G. Sayegh

Noreen K. Scaperotti

Edward M. Schaffer

Kiersten M. Schramek

Sarah Scigliano

David Simon

Hon. Joseph Spofford

David Squirrell

Susan Caplin

Hon. John W. Sweeny, Jr.

Nancy Tagliafierro

Faye Thorpe

Joseph J. Tock

Hon. Stephen G. Tomann

Gloria R. Tressler

Kathleen M. Valletta

Neil VanderWoude

Hon. Richard Vercollone

Robert A. Weis

Michael Weitzner

Kevin L. Wright

Christopher York

Louis Zaneri (non-attorney member)